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DOC-Gram is a free newsletter from the Design Out Crime and CPTED Centre.

It includes:

  • Up to date information about using CPTED to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour to improve quality of life
  • New research findings from all over the world
  • New CPTED fields such as rural CPTED, cyber-CPTED and CPTED for reducing gendered violence
  • New CPTED training and certification 
  • Information about new technologies for reducing crime
  • Use of the new ISO 2234 International CPTED standard
  • New CPTED conferences and publications
  • What works and what doesn't 
  • Anecdotes and stories from the field

Knowledge and best practice in crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) are currently changing rapidly in many signficant ways due to new criminological research.

DOC-Gram helps CPTED professionals and criminologists keep up to date.