CCTV evaluation

Evidence from research into the effectiveness of CCTV for reducing crime indicates:

  • CCTV has a small effect in reducing property crime in some circumstances. Crime reduction effect of CCTV primarily depends on other factors.

  • CCTV has zero effect on reducing violent crime.

  • CCTV can reduce property crime in car parks providing other effective CPTED strategies are in place. Maximum crime reduction is ~16%.

  • CCTV crime reduction effects are time limited (crime reduction drops off over time).

  • CCTV causes crime displacement in line with limited effectiveness in crime reduction.

  • Crime displacement from CCTV was identified as research areas increased. Crime disaplacement can be in crime type, time or distance.

  • CCTV is an effective support for Police in satisfying their KPIs for closing cases.

Research papers are available here.