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CPTED is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Use CPTED principles to design cities, buildings, parks and transport to reduce crime and enhance quality of life.

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For CPTED books, temporary cctv cameras (for routine activity scanning), body cameras (for safely recording site surveys - instead of using phone!) and other useful CPTED tools  - see the Products page.
Free access to many useful CPTED resources and free newsletters DOC-Gram and BOSS-Gram.

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CPTED review of building plans

Many government planning organisations require CPTED review of development plans  as part of the development approval process.
We are qualified and highly experienced in CPTED review of development plans from small to the largest scale including multi-use tower complexes, city precinct plans, night time economy areas, rail stations and networks, educational institutions, hospitals, retail malls, community  buildings, residential complexes and houses, pedestrian accessways, parks, and recreational areas.


The world is increasingly digital.
Traditional physical CPTED now increasingly includes digital issues.
At the same time, cyber-security increasingly involves physical CPTED considerations that are not well addressed by 'pure' IT solutions..
We have called this new field  'Cyber-CPTED'.
In addition, our services now include cyber-security assessment and support for  SMEs, particularly professional service agencies such as financial planners, engineers, accountants, business advisers etc.

CPTED and Designing Out Crime Resources

In addition to CPTED training, we provide a variety of CPTED resources and products for CPTED professionals and those interested in using CPTED to reduce crime. These include our research findings and our free newsletters: DOC-Gram and BOSS-Gram.

CPTED training and certification

CPTED is the most cost effective way to reduce crime rates. The benefits include financial and social benefits for businesses and individuals, reduced stress and disturbance in society, and improved quality of life for all.
CPTED is especially useful at minimising at-risk groups involvement  with the criminal justice system.
Our high-quality CPTED training programs are individually designed for specific groups.
All our CPTED programs provide certificates for participants.

CPTED and Community Safety Guidelines and Policies

We have extensive experience in the development of CPTED and Community Safety Guidelines and Policies.
Through our active involvement in  environmental crime research, we  bring practical up-to-date evidence-based understanding of what works and what doesn't in effectively reducing crime rates.

Crowded Places Assessments

The Australian Government Crowded Places Strategy aims to counter terrorism and minimise potential for large-scale violent acts.
We are members of the Police Crowded Places Forum and can undertake Crowded Places audits and self-assessment for events and environments that are crowded and at risk of terrorist activity or violence..