We provide professional advice for online security  and privacy for business, organisations and individuals.

Our speciality is advising on up to date practical ways to keep your organisation or yourself secure online and maintain privacy for your organisaiton and your clients.

Nowadays security and privacy comes primarily from  the human side of things. This is a big change. Until recently, online security and privacy were primarily technical (virus checkers, firewalls etc)

Most successful attacks are now through PEOPLE rather than technology.

Attacks on your online security and privacy come primarily through getting people to do things that then enable security  and privacy to be compromised.

For example, a local financial professional was hacked through him opening what looked like a real phone bill. A week later he found his computer had been encrypted by ransomware.

Times have changed. Once, a virus checker or an Apple computer would keep you safe and private. Those days have gone. Now there are many different kinds of hacking,  Apple computers get malware, and people's behaviour in the office and travelling are the main weaknesses .

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