BOSS-GRAM is our free cyber-security newsletter for all managers, executives and bosses.

Why for managers, executives and bosses?

First, cyber-security is primarily a business and management issue: Management considerations include cost-benefit assessment, scale and type of cyber-risks and losses, intellectual property risks, business continuity protection, competitive advantage risk, loss of business credibility with loss of confidential information etc.

Second, IT security is no longer enough: 'Whole of business' cyber security has this year been identified as being better by most cyber-security institutes and government bodies: The reason? Cyber-criminals attack via every aspect of business front and back office processes, staff behaviours, and even the activities of organisations a business interacts with.

Third, many important cyber-security protections come from changes to business practices rather than IT: Managers and executives are the people who can change business practices to improve cyber-security.

BOSS-Gram contains succinct, practical and up-to-date cyber-security and cyber-risk information for managers and executives to make informed management decisions about cyber-security. BOSS-Gram is purposefully written in straight management English and avoids technical language.

Why free?

We believe well-informed management cyber-security is important for business and for reducing cyber-risks worldwide.