Many small businesses collapse after successful cyber-attack. Around 60% of SMEs close within 6 months of a major cyber-attack. Larger businesses may simply have their competitiveness reduced to the advantage of their competitors.

Typical cyber-crime attacks

Cyber-crime has several sides to it, including :

  • Simple financial theft: e.g. though a business's bank passwords
  • Property theft: e.g. where access to a companies IT can facilitate stealing products
  • Blackmail: e.g. through ransom-ware, where a business has to pay a fee to buy a key to unlock its computer files
  • Theft of intellectual property: e.g. information about how to make or do something that a business has kept secret
  • Competitive advantage: e.g. theft of critical confidential information of use to competitors
  • Political: e.g. gaining confidential organizational information for political ends
  • Intelligence gathering: e.g. identifying where yours or your clients valuable resources are and pathways to access them.

A single cyber-attack can be intended to commit multiple crimes in different areas of your business. Multiple cyber-attacks can be combined.

Types of Business Losses from Cyber-Crime

Cyber-risks can result in significant losses, and these can be  very varied:

  • Direct immediate financial losses (e.g. theft of money or products, damage to ability to do business,
  • Loss of confidentiality of information leading to subsequent losses (e.g. confidential client information of (say) financial planners, lawyers, doctors...)
  • Loss of credibility leading to subsequent business losses (e.g.
  • Loss of key staff (e.g. confidentiality on person movements in businesses operating in high-risk environments)
  • Legal penalties for loss of customer data (e.g. in EU current penalty is 4% of turnover)

Take Aways for Managers

  • The financial consequences of cyber-crime  losses on businesses are large and almost all businesses are targets (especially SMEs).
  • There are many different types of cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes  your business can be subjected to.
  • There are many kinds of losses that can result from a cyber attack
  • Cyber-attacks can be combined to create different kinds of losses in your business.
  • Management decisions can minimise business losses  from cyber-crimes (e.g. by segregating information so that a cyber-attack does not get everything).

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Dr Terence Love
Design Out Crime and CPTED Centre


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