Design Out Graffiti

CPTED principles are effective in reducing the level of graffiti  in an area.

A general overview of using CPTED to design environments to reduce graffiti  from WA Police  is available here.

The fences and exterior boundaries of homes and other buildings can be used to reduce a graffiti vandal's ease of offending, see  Using landscaping and planting to reduce graffiti  

Lighting can be beneficial or detrimental in reducing graffiti vandalism –  it can deter vandals because they are ‘exposed’, while on the other hand it can encourage them because makes it easier for them to see. To use lighting to deter graffiti vandals see Using lighting and surveillance to reduce graffiti

There are surface coatings that can be applied and natural foliage that can be used as coverage reduce graffiti, protective coatings to reduce graffiti

The WA Police offer a  Graffiti Management Toolkit that can be used across all levels of the community to assist various stakeholders in managing and preventing graffiti vandalism and evaluating applied interventions. The Graffiti Management Toolkit contains a range of information on current State Government initiatives, examples of "good practice" in graffiti management, templates/frameworks for strategies and proformas for evaluating graffiti related projects. Click HERE to download complete toolkit.

 The WA Police Goodbye Graffiti website is at:  and their graffiti reduction strategy is at 

For more information from the WA Police on other aspects of Designing out Crime see: