Addressing anti-social behaviour on and around the metro rail system in WA

This  project successfully reduced anti-social behaviour on and around the WA metropolitan rail system using an inter-agency CPTED approach. It involved stakeholders from 5 local governments and 28 stakeholder organisations and was funded by the WA Office of Crime Prevention via PATREC.

Several reports were published, including:

Cooper, T. Love, T. and Taylor, F. (2018) (republished*) “Responding to Anti-Social Behaviour on Rail and its Environs: Effective Partnerships across Organisational Differences‟ Perth: Design Out Crime and CPTED Centre.

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 (*Previously published as Cooper, T. Love, T. and Taylor, F. (2010) “Sector Partnering with Transit Guards in Perth: Effective Partnerships a cross Organisational Difference‟ in Fiona Elizabeth Taylor; Lucas Walsh, Roger Holdsworth (eds.) Partnerships in the Youth Sector Melbourne: Foundation for Young Australians (pp. 51 - 59.) (Electronic source).)