Register now! Certified online CPTED Training (2 hours/week for 6 weeks starting 26 February 2024)

AUD495.00 each


CPTED training comprising 2 hours online weekly study for 6 weeks including exercises, undertaken at any time that suits participants. The training includes access to a live weekly ZOOM Q&A with a CPTED expert to answer any questions on the study and exercises, plus ongoing support via CPTED forum and email. This 12 hour online training is the equivalent to the 2 day in-person CPTED training.

The course covers the CPTED basics including 11 CPTED principles, CPTED audits, crime risk assessments and CPTED process according to ISO:22341:2021. The course aligns with ICA Record Book Unit Competencies.

New material and updates in this year's CPTED training:

  • New findings about lighting for crime prevention
  • New information on using green spaces to reduce crime
  • Choosing best social CPTED methods of crime prevention
  • Updated section on calculating return on investment of CPTED


A Certificate of CPTED Training  (with individual's name) is awarded on course completion.


The training commences week beginning 26 Feb 2024 for 6 weeks to week ending 7 April 2024.


$450 excl. GST per person        
Group discounts are available - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who this program for?

This certified professional CPTED training is intended for:

  • Community safety officers, rangers and managers
  • Local government and commercial planners and architects
  • Police
  • Developer staff
  • Security managers
  • CPTED professionals wishing to upgrade their knowledge and skills to the  ISO 22341 international CPTED standard

Learning outcomes

This course is aimed at providing professionals with the  core knowledge and skills  to implement CPTED strategies in basic situations:
  • To understand the factors affecting crime and control of crime using CPTED
  • Understand and use the 11 CPTED methods (social and physical) of ISO:22341
  • To be able to conduct a CPTED crime risk assessment
  • Using social and demographic data in crime risk assessment and in designing a CPTED intervention
  • Basic plan and drawing reading
  • To conduct a CPTED audit on single-use building
  • Apply the international standard ISO:22341 CPTED process in an organisation
  • Understand the four approaches to managing anti-social behaviour
  • Understanding the basis of  working with other CPTED stakeholders
  • Costs of crime and return on investment of CPTED
  • Using social and environmental CPTED methods
  • Using standard CPTED report documents (provided free to use)
  • Prepare a basic CPTED plan for crime risk reduction 


  • Use CPTED as the most cost-effective way to reduce crime and  anti-social behaviour
  • Learn to prepare crime risk assessments,  undertake CPTED basic audits, and design CPTED interventions
  • Update to the new 11 CPTED methods
  • Learn to apply the new international ISO:22341 CPTED process
  • You can reduce crime and anti-social behaviour using CPTED methods in a variety of contexts
  • If you provide CPTED advice to members of the public, you can help them reduce crime risks in their homes, offices and lives
  • Gain the crime prevention benefits of CPTED at almost zero cost. This is why many governments require CPTED in new developments.
  • You can use CPTED to reduce your organisation's risks of litigation.

ICA competencies

For participants wishing to submit a Record Book to the International CPTED Association in application for international CPTED Practitioner or CPTED Professional certification, this CPTED training will contribute to addressing the following ICA unit competencies:
  • Unit 1 Define the scope of the task
  • Unit 2 Work as part of a multidisciplinary team
  • Unit 3 Undertake research in the nominated environment
  • Unit 4 Read and interpret plans and drawings
  • Unit 7 Analyze and assess conditions
  • Unit 8 Compile written report
  • Unit 9 Assess CPTED Options
  • Unit 12 Prepare crime prevention plan

What is included?

The course includes 6 weeks of online study material, practical exercises, study questions, online ZOOM access to a CPTED expert  for 45 minutes each week for the duration of the course, access to a CPTED support forum and email access to instructors. The course also includes 2 standard CPTED report documents that are free for use.

Payment options

  • Credit card
  • PayPal/Stripe
  • Purchase Order
  • Bank transfer

Purchase orders

For those in organisations wishing to register staff using a purchase order please see business details below. For organizations wishing to register multiple staff a discount of 12% is available for bookings of 10 staff and over from the same organization.

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Postal address: PO Box 226, Quinns Rocks, WA 6030
Bank: Queensland Country Bank
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Account number: 40033027

For access to the training and the certificate we need the name and email address of each participant. Apart from their necessary use for administering the course, this personal information is used for no other purpose and is secured in line with the GDPR regulations.


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