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DOC-Gram for Crime Prevention and Community Safety

DOC-Gram for Crime Prevention and Community Safety

DOC-Gram Newsletter

New Directions in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Design Out Crime and cyber-CPTED

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Welcome to the Doc-Gram Newsletter - with up to date information for you on CPTED, Designing Out Crime and cyber-CPTED during the COVID-19 crisis.


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1.  Learn 'Effective CPTED during COVID-19' at a FREE 1 hour online live training this Friday (24 April, 10-11am Western Australia Time)


2. Understand crime changes: significant incerases in  in domestic violence and commercial theft and reductions in burglary and some kinds of public assaults.


3. New Certified online training 'CPTED for Community Safety Officers' starts 6 May


4.  UPDATED free CPTED resources available now!



FREE 1hr CPTED online training  'Effective CPTED during COVID-19'


Crime patterns have changed significantly as a result of self-isolation and business closure COVID-19 strategies.

CPTED needs to be done differently.

This online live training will  assist you in reducing crime during these changed COVID-19 conditions.

You will learn how:

   *   Some types of crime are reducing and some are seriously increasing

   *   Some CPTED methods are proving essential

   *   Other common CPTED methods are much less effective than normal

   *   New CPTED methods are emerging and proving successful

This free online CPTED training is live and will include a Q&A session.

Friday 24 April 10-11am (Western Australia Time).

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Domestic violence‍ and commercial theft increasing - some other crimes decreasing


Domestic violence incidents have increased‍ dramatically since COVID-19 self-isolation. UK reports a seven-fold increase in calls to the Refuge help-line and a doubling of the weekly rate of death from domestic violence. Similar findings are reported across the world.


Advice from the WHO on addressing domestic violence is available here and more advice is available here.  In Australia, if you, or someone you know, is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, government advice is to call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit


Break-ins and thefts from closed businesses, factories, warehouses and shops have increased. In parallel, there has been increased theft of copper and batteries and other materials that can be quickly resold without identification or in the informal economy.


At the extreme end of this are reports of sporadic  looting incidents across the US, and in Mexico, Canada, Italy, UK, Ireland, France and South Africa that indicate temporary breakdown in Law and Order.


Across the world, other forms of crime appear to have reduced. This is commonly regarded as being due to the lack of people on the streets. Alternatively, it may be a change in focus by Police to concentrate only on serious crime and maintaining law and order.



New Certified Online CPTED training   for Community Safety Officers - starts 20 May


‍This is an online version of the 2-day certified CPTED for Community Safety officers course. It covers the same material in 6 sessions of 2 hours per week plus 2 practical exercises.


The training will also include CPTED relating to COVID-19  and an introduction to CPTED for cyber community safety.


The course covers:


  •     Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in Community Safety
  •     Differences between threats, risks and vulnerabilities
  •     12 practical CPTED methods to reduce crime
  •     Creating a Crime Risk Assessment
  •     Working with members of the public
  •     Using CPTED site and building audits
  •     CPTED during COVID-19
  •     CPTED to reduce Domestic Violence
  •     Using Targeted CPTED
  •     CPTED to reduce theft from closed businesses
  •     Reducing Repeat Victimisation
  •     Using CCTV in CPTED
  •     Lighting in CPTED
  •     Managing anti-social behaviour
  •     CPTED to maintain Law and Order
  •     Reducing fear of crime
  •     CPTED planning
  •     Practical real world CPTED individual exercise (desktop and/or site)


The course includes live presentations, a detailed pdf handbook and an individual Certificate of CPTED Training on completion.


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 UPDATED Free CPTED Resources



In our crime prevention research we collect a lot of material on different crime prevention topics that you might find interesting and useful.

We have started publishing these this material in the Free Resources section at More to follow!


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Contact us for CPTED Training‍. CPTED reviews and anything to do with CPTED, crime prevention, security and reducing anti-social behaviour.





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