Cyber-security Preliminary Risk Assessment for SMEs (2 hr session and 5 page report)

AUD695.00 each


Concerned about different aspects of your business's risks and liabilities from cyber-attacks and appropriate cyber-security?

We will work with you to address your business cyber-security concerns and business-centric ways to provide appropriate cyber-protection.

This service is aimed at businesses of 1 to 20 persons .


The service has three parts:

  1. Identify your key cyber-security concerns
  2. Work through the relevant information to identify best ways to address them
  3. Follow up 5 page report after 1 week and opportunity for questions on report

Relevant topics might include:

  • Cyber-risks and information risks for your business
  • Business processes to reduce cyber risk and increase profit
  • Creating a complete cyber-security plan
  • Integrated cyber-security/physical security
  • Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • IT support
  • Cyber-security support for managers


1 Hour with management (and IT if relevant), plus follow up 5 page report.


In-house in Perth metro region.
Plus travel and accommodation costs  outside Perth metro region.



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