Register now! Certified online CPTED training for Urban Planners, Architects and associated professionals - from 2 July 2020

AUD495.00 each


Benefits of this CPTED course

1. This certified online CPTED course provides the information for Urban Planners, Architects and other built environment professionals to use CPTED as part of planning developments and designing buildings, public spaces and other elements of the built environment.

2. The course focuses on the use of evidence-based CPTED.

3. The course is the equivalent of a standard 2-Day CPTED face to face course.

4. The course also comprises 2-days credit for the standard 5-day 'Certified CPTED for Review of Development Approval' course appropriate for satisfying the requirements to review development applications to the standard of State and national planning and development authorities.

Who is this program intended for?

This CPTED Training is for:

  •     Urban Planners
  •     Architects
  •     Developers
  •     Building managers and other professionals

What is learned?

  •     CPTED in:
  •          new build
  •         refurbishment
  •         redesign to address crime
  •          building maintenance
  •          building life-cycle considerations
  •     14 CPTED design tools
  •     CPTED and massing design
  •     Using CPTED site and building audits - from plans
  •     Geographic juxtaposition in planning and design
  •     CPTED for developers
  •     Crime Risk Assessments - for development approvals
  •     CPTED in designing the built environment to reduce problems of COVID-19 and similar pandemics
  •     Benefits of targeted CPTED
  •     Lighting and CPTED
  •     CPTED to design industrial and commercial buildings to minimise theft and vandalism
  •     Counter-terrorism Hostile Vehicle Management via street furniture and road detailing
  •     Using targeted CPTED in planning and architecture
  •     Effective use of CCTV in CPTED for planning and architectural design
  •     Designing built environments to reduce anti-social behaviour
  •     Designing built environment to reduce fear of crime
  •     Practical real world CPTED individual exercises (desktop and/or site)


A personalised CPTED Certificate is awarded to participants on completion of the course.

Course Format

The course consists of live online presentations, online discussions, Q&A,  plus individual practical exercises


Six consecutive Thursdays 10 - 12 am (Western Australian Time)  from 2nd July 2020.

Course provider

The course provider is the Design Out Crime and CPTED Centre whose staff have over 20 years experience in providing CPTED services, research and training to government agencies, planners, developers  and university planning and architecture courses.

They have published widely, including several hundred research publications and multiple books.

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