Body cameras for CPTED site surveys

Body cameras for safe CPTED site reviews

Mini wearable body camera for CPTED and site surveys

AUD89.00 each

High-value mini body camera suitable for CPTED site surveys.

Improves the quality of on-site CPTED surveys by recording everything that is seen along with spoken notes

Significantly reduces the OHS risks when video recording/ photographing sites and making notes during CPTED site surveys (e.g. tripping, walking into dangerous places, in front of traffic etc).

This camera offers an extremely economical option for CPTED professionals undertaking occasional CPTED surveys.

Its technical details are:

Description: Body Video Recorder
1. Innovative Back-Splint design
2. 360 degrees rotated Clip
3. Battery Standby time about 6 hours
4. Video Recording
5. Video Resolution : 1920*1080@30pfs
6. 4 pcs IR Leds ,for Night Vision
7. Lens : 90 degree Viewing
8. Built-in 800mah Battery , 4 hours recording
9. Built-in 32GB/16GB Memory Card
10. Type-C interface

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