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DOC-Gram (Design Out Crime, CPTED and cyber-security news)

DOC-Gram for Design Out crime, CPTED and Cyber-security news:
  • New directions in CPTED and Design Out Crime
  • Standard CPTED processes, guidelines and document templates
  • Managing Design Out Crime and CPTED projects
  • Practical cyber-security, especially where it overlaps operations and crime prevention
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Do you rely on your computer (systems) to run your business?
  • Worried about your cyber security?
  • Worried to do when you are hacked?
  • Wondering how best to protect from cyber-attacks?
  • Concerned how cyber-attackers get past IT security? Worried about ransomware?
  • Confused about all the conflicting information that comes to you from the net - and even your IT expert?
Boss-Gram gives you straight cyber-security information to put the control back in your hands.