Intro to Cyber-Security (half-day education program)

AUD95.00 each


Concerned about your risks and liabilities from cyber-attacks? Privacy and Identity theft of concern? Wondering how best to protect yourself or your business? Feel you need to know more about cyber-security?

This half-day Cyber-Security program provides up to date cyber-security education for individuals and businesses in a n informal small-group environment.


The Cyber-Security Program includes:

  • Introduction
  • Short presentation on cyber-risks and cyber-security
  • Discussion about participants cyber-security concerns
  • The world has changed - new directions in cyber-risks and cyber-security and privacy
  • Cyber-security -  for  home and small businesses is different!
  • Discussion - What are you risking?
  • Break - refreshments
  • Internet of Things and
  • Cyber-crime, business competitors, state actors
  • Cyber-security methods - practical
  • Cyber-security methods - software and devices

Certificate of completion for participants.


3.5 hour session with 20 minute break with refreshments.

Location and Date: