Cyber-CPTED or CCPTED is what we have named Cyber-Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.

Cyber-Crime Prevention through Environmental Design combines physical CPTED approaches with design of software, hardware and business process environments. 

Combining both approaches is more effective than either alone because most cyber-crime attacks have a physical and a cyber component.

Many principles are similar in CCPTED and CPTED. For example, using different computer or WiFi networks for different kinds of access (public, retail staff, accounting staff...) follows similar principles to Defensible Space.

We offer short training courses in which participants are trained in the principles and strategies of Cyber-CPTED.

As part of the Cyber-CPTED training, participants work on a cyber-crime risk or audit that is relevant to their organisations  and identify appropriate CCPTED responses.

Cyber-CPTED course arrangements can be flexible depending on context.

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