On the technical side we also provide expertise in confidential data management and secure transfer of data.  This includes properly fulfilling ethical standards of securely storing and transferring business data, and research data (e.g. interview, focus group, survey and questionnaire data).

We can also provide support, advice  or systems with high levels of security with encrypted data, encrypted data storage and encryption of data transfer for SMEs and professional organisations.

  • Secure FTP servers using SSL, SSH,  SFTP, public and private  key pair authentication
  • Secure (SSL-encrypted) email services
  • VeraCrypt (prev.Truecrypt) encrypted file containers (including cascaded encryption) using password only,  password + keyfile authentification, and tokens, smart cards.
  • SSL encryption of web pages and web traffic (https)
  • GPG/PGP  message, email  and file encryption
  • Secure SSL cloud servers and sites
  • Guidance on secure communication in business and professional contexts
  • Password management methods
  • Managed hardened ftp and web servers
  • File storage media (hard drives and USB sticks) encrypted with BitLocker, IronKey, VeraCrypt, Kanguru, via AES or  equivalent, as required.
  • Data storage wiped after use to international data cleaning standards British HMG IS5,USA DoD 5220.22-M or as required.

Our servers and primary hosting arrangements are with RackSpace, who are world leaders in SME to enterprise hosting and server provision.