Ask us about cyber-security services:

  • Immediate cyber-security response (If you have been attacked - call us now! on 0434 975 848)
  • Cyber-security risk assessment (What are the biggest risks for you?)
  • Cyber-security plans (What you need to change for your business to be safe)
  • Cyber-security installation (We can install cyber security software, hardware, etc.)
  • Cyber-risk insurance  (We can help you obtain cyber-insurance if appropriate - and advise on benefits and limitations)
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) (When you get hacked, everything is confusion. A Disaster Recovery Plan helps. Get us to make one now for you.)
  • Cyber-security and physical security/crime prevention (Cyber-security and CPTED work together - ask us for more info.)

We also provide the free BOSS-Gram cyber-security newsletter for managers and executives (subscribe here- once a month, written for managers in plain English)