Rio favela

CPTED is increasingly adopted in Rio de Janeiro favelas. Favelas are large-scale informal housing (used to be called slums)  in which state intervention is low.  Fevalas are typically self-managed, most notoriously, in some cases,by criminal organisations. Community journalists at RioOnWatch describe ways CPTED is becoming more widely used in favelas to make them safer and improve quality of life.


An overview of the ways CPTED is being used informally and successfully in Rio's favelas is at

RioOnWatch journalists also describe the way that CPTED has been adopted by those involved in tactical urbanism in Rio's favelas (

Tactical urbanism is a low cost way of changing urban local environments. It emerged in the last 10 years primarily from urban planning students in the US at CMU NextGen. An intention of tactical urbanism  is to encourage citizen participation in shaping urban spaces independently of official processes. CPTED is a natural fit with such citizen-based interventions for crime reduction. 

Image by Pēteris - Flickr: Pavão-Pavãozinho favela, CC BY 2.0,