Basic Qualification in CPTED

The new Introduction to CPTED online course is available now!

This assessed 10 lesson course on basic CPTED concepts provides a Foundation Qualification in CPTED.

Each person completing the course is assessed and a Certificate of completion provided.


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Cost $49.95 (Payment by credit card or PayPal).

This is a foundation CPTED certificate course for community safety staff, rangers, new security staff, small business managers, and planning and architecture professionals. It will give you and your staff a practical grounding in CPTED principles to reduce crime

Each lesson covers a key aspect of CPTED  and has a short assessment (a part of a real world CPTED project) using multi-choice questions.  The course supports learning by mistakes (you can redo each question up to 10 times) and working at your own pace.

The course is intended for self-study and contains all necessary materials. Approximate time to undertake the course is 4 hours.