CPTED planning in action

CPTED for Community Safety Staff and other Local Government Officers

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, CPTED (pronounced 'Sep-TED') is the most cost-effective way to reduce crime.

This in-house practical training in CPTED for local government is informative, practical and fun - the best way to learn.


1. CPTED is  the most cost-effective way for local governments to reduce crime and  anti-social behaviour.

2. The crime prevention benefits of CPTED for local government  can be included in new developments at almost zero cost. This is why the WA MRA, the NSW government  and many other governments require CPTED approval of new developments.

3. Urban planners and architects can reduce crime in an aesthetic manner by good CPTED design of buildings and landscapes.

4. Community Safety Officers can reduce crime and anti-social behaviour using CPTED principles in a variety of contexts.

5. CPTED advice to members of the public can help them reduce crime risks in their homes, offices and lives.

5. Risks of litigation for local government and businesses are reduced when CPTED is used.

Who this program intended?

This course is intended for:

  • Urban planners
  • Architects
  • Community safety officers
  • Rangers
  • Landscape managers
  • Risk managers
  • Security managers

What is learned?

The course comprises:

  • Using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in Local Government
  • Threats, Risks and Vulnerabilities
  • How to use 12 CPTED principles to reduce crime
  • Crime Risk Assessments to save cost
  • 4 ways to use CCTV
  • Specifying CCTV
  • CPTED in specific contexts
    • CPTED and Schools
    • CPTED and Houses of Worship
    • CPTED and public works
    • CPTED and parks
    • CPTED and public spaces
    • CPTED and shopping centres
    • CPTED and convenience stores
    • CPTED to reduce residential repeat victimisation
  • Managing anti-social behaviour
  • Reducing fear of crime
  • Practical real world CPTED team exercise (desktop and/or site)
  • Responding to Facebook (social media) posts
  • Practical CPTED planning


A Certificate of Attendance (with individual's name) is awarded to those who complete the course

Course Format

2 days in-house training.

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