CPTED Training for Urban Planners, Architects and related professionals
Certified online course 6 weeks 2 hr/wk from 10 Sept 2020

Use CPTED to reduce crime!

CPTED is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Planners, architects, developers and associated professionals use CPTED to create outstanding built environments with reduced crime and enhanced quality of life.
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CPTED helps create outstanding spaces

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successful developments

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safe public transport

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CPTED reduces
cost of construction

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CPTED reduces crime and fear of crime in public spaces

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CPTED supports architecture of living spaces

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Certified online CPTED for Urban Planners, Architects and related professionals

Times:  6 2hour sessions 10-12 am (GMT +8)  starting Thursday 10 Sept 2020
Includes: Live online CPTED training, PDF handbook, practical exercises, individual CPTED Certificate, access to recordings.
CPTED Training provider: Design Out Crime and CPTED Centre
Cost:  $595 inc GST  

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CPTED is increasingly required for Planning and Development Applications

Who is this program intended for?

  • Urban Planners
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Building managers
Please forward to the appropriate persons.

What is learned?

  • 14 CPTED Design Tools forPlanners and Architects
  • CPTED in:
  •    -- new build
  •    -- refurbishment
  •    -- redesign to address crime
  •    -- building maintenance
  •    -- building life-cycle considerations
  • CPTED and massing design
  • Using CPTED site and building audits
  • Geographic juxtaposition and planning and design
  • CPTED for developers
  • Crime Risk Assessments
  • CPTED in designing the built environment for COVID-19 and similar pandemics
  • Benefits of targeted CPTED
  • CPTED to design industrial and commercial buildings to minimise theft and vandalism
  • Effective use of CCTV in CPTED
  • Lighting and CPTED
  • Designing the built environment to reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Hostile Vehicle Management via street furniture and road detailing
  • Designing built environments to reduce fear of crime
  • Practical real world CPTED individual exercises (desktop and/or site)

What is provided?

Live online CPTED training
Detailed pdf handbook
Access to recordings of individual sessions
Personalised Certificate of CPTED Training.


A personalised Certificate of CPTED Training is awarded on completion of the training.


Online login details will be sent to participants 1-day before each session.


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