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CPTED Training for Community Safety
10-11 March 2020, Perth

Use CPTED to reduce crime!

CPTED is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
As a Community Safety Officer you can use CPTED principles to to reduce crime and enhance quality of life in buildings, parks, public spaces, shops and on the street.

CPTED in small groups

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CPTED with stakeholders

Help stakeholders and colleagues improve their outcomes!

2-day CPTED Training for Community Safety Officers

Venue: Function Centre, Technology Park, Bentley, Perth (free parking available)
Date: 10-11th March
Includes: Workbook - Certificate - Refreshments
Cost: $695 inc GST

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This  practical CPTED training for Community Safety Officers is informative, practical and fun - the best way to learn!


1. In Community Safety, you can use CPTED as the most cost-effective way to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

2. You can reduce crime and anti-social behaviour using CPTED methods in a variety of contexts.

3. If you provide CPTED advice to members of the public, you can help them reduce crime risks in their homes, offices and lives.

4. You can often gain the crime prevention benefits of CPTED at almost zero cost. This is why the WA Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, the NSW government  and many other governments in the uK and elsewhere require CPTED in new developments.

5. You can reduce your local government's risks of litigation by using CPTED.

Who is this program intended for?

This CPTED Training is for:

  •     Community safety officers and managers
  •     Rangers
  •     Security managers

What is learned?

The course covers:

  •     Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in Community Safety
  •     Diffferences between threats, risks and vulnerabilities
  •     How to use 12 practical CPTED tools to reduce crime
  •     Crime Risk Assessment
  •     Working with members of the public
  •     Using CPTED site and building audits
  •     Targeting CPTED
  •     Repeat victimisation
  •     Using CCTV in CPTED
  •     Managing anti-social behaviour
  •     Reducing fear of crime
  •     Practical real world CPTED team exercise (desktop and/or site)
  •     Practical CPTED planning

What is included?

The course includes a workbook, certificate, refreshments.


A Certificate of CPTED Training (with individual's name) is awarded to those who complete the course.

Course Format

2-day CPTED training mostly in small groups using small group exercises, presentations, group discussions and a practical exercise.


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