Dr Paul Cozens and Dr Terence Love can be hired for face-to face CPTED training from basic to advanced levels of CPTED.

We can also provide CPTED and Design Out Crime topic-specific training on CPTED and Design Out Crime issues, including:

  • Conducting Fear of Crime Surveys
  • Undertaking Crime Risk Assessments prior to design of CPTED interventions
  • Identifying appropriate CPTED solutions
  • Writing CPTED reports
  • Reading development plans to conduct CPTED audit
  • Undertaking site-specific CPTED audits
  • Occupational Health and Safety for CPTED professionals
  • Tools and processes for efficient CPTED analysis
  • Undertaking Geographic Juxtaposition analysis for urban CPTED mixed use locations
  • Organising and managing CPTED projects
  • CPTED intervention post-evaluations
  • Crime data analysis for CPTED

Course arrangements can be flexible depending on context.

Dr Trudi Cooper can be consulted for training on the design of CPTED interventions relating to crime prevention involving young people.

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