We provide CPTED training on-premises, off-premises and on-line

Online CPTED Training

The certificated online Introduction to CPTED course is now available here.  Only $49.95!

This course provides a introductory background in CPTED methods and practical skills. It provides the basis for all the other programs.

CPTED For Local Government Officers course

The certificated CPTED for Local Government Officers course is now available. For more details, and to book the course, see here.

Other on-premises CPTED training

Dr Terence Love and Dr Paul Cozens provide a wide range of on-premises CPTED training from basic to advanced for government agencies, institutions, businesses and other organisations. These include:

  • Conducting Fear of Crime Surveys
  • Undertaking Crime Risk Assessments prior to design of CPTED interventions
  • Designing CPTED solutions
  • Writing CPTED reports
  • Conducting Crowded Spaces Self-Assessments and Audits
  • Criminological foundations of CPTED
  • Cyber-CPTED (integration of cyber-security and CPTED)
  • Reading development application plans to conduct CPTED audits
  • Undertaking site-specific CPTED audits
  • Occupational Health and Safety for CPTED professionals
  • Tools and processes for efficient CPTED analysis
  • Undertaking Geographic Juxtaposition analysis for urban CPTED mixed use locations
  • Organising and managing CPTED projects
  • CPTED intervention post-evaluations
  • Crime data analysis for CPTED

In addition, Dr Trudi Cooper is available for training organisations in the area of CPTED interventions involving young people. This is a specialist CPTED area which can be extremely effective and can result in reductions of crime and anti-social behaviour rates of over 70%

New Developments

We are currently developing more online CPTED  and cyber-CPTED training programs. These include:

  • CPTED Review of Development Applications
  • CPTED for Security and Planning Professionals
  • Cyber-security for Financial Planners
  • Advanced CPTED Practitioner

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and register for our online CPTED and cyber-security courses at https://www.cybercpted.org