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The BOSS-Gram Newsletter provides succinct up-to-date practical cyber-security information for managers, executives and Board members.

This BOSS-Gram includes short management-focused articles on :
  • Information Risk Assessment - assessing business risks and liabilities from different kinds of information a business is managing.
  • Segregation -  grouping business information assets to provide appropriate cyber-security depending on their importance and business critical status.
  • Layering cyber-security -   ensuring information assets are protected by appropriate layers of cyber-protection. 
  • New directions in Apple OSX  and iOS cyber-security  - recent increases in cyber attacks on Apple computers, iphones and devices and why it is now important to protect them with additional cyber-security
  • New cyber-breach notification requirements in Australia - do they apply to your business and when?

BOSS-GRAM is a free cyber-security newsletter for business managers from the Design Out Crime and CPTED Centre.

BOSS-Gram provides the management information you need to cyber-protect your business and reduce the consequences of being hacked. It helps put the controls back in your hands and helps you to be sure of what to expect from your IT people.

Contact us now for manager-focused cyber-security services and advice for your business: +61 (0)434 975 949 or t.love@designoutcrime.org.


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Dr Terence Love
Design Out Crime and CPTED Centre
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Information Risk Assessment identifies the levels of risk to a business of the different kinds of information the business is managing.

Every business depends on information to make a profit and for its continuity. Attacks on a business’s information can adversely affect the business and third parties and result in a variety of liabilities and losses. Information Risk Assessment helps businesses to decide the levels of cyber-protection for the different kinds of information.

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Segmentation is a well-established security idea - 'don't put all your eggs in one basket!' It is common sense in cyber-security, CPTED, personal protection and asymmetric warfare. In whole-of-business cyber-security we apply segmentation to all aspects of a business, as appropriate. Segmentation of business assets is guided by Information Risk Assessment.

Segmentation provides a basis for layering of cyber-protection to reduce business risks and increase difficulty for cyber-attackers. Segmentation is a powerful, management-based cyber-security method...

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Layering in cyber security means putting more barriers in the way of cyber-attacks.

Instead of  cyber-security existing as a single perimeter barrier, cyber-security can offer layers of differing forms of protection.

The idea can be most easily seen in castles **

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From the early days, Apple has been proud of its cyber-security.There's a widespread assumption Apple computers and devices are safe from cyber-attacks. Recent evidence contradicts this.

How serious is it for businesses using Apple ? What are the best business cyber-security strategies for Apple products?

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During this year, Australia will require organisations to notify cyber-breaches to the Privacy Commissioner and to all affected parties. Penalties are $360,000 for individuals and $1.8 million for organisations for not notifying cyber-breaches. There are however many exceptions...

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